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The Tibetan name for Mount Everest is Chomolungma or Qomolangma (meaning "Mother of the Universe"). According to English accounts of the mid-19th century, the local name in Darjeeling for Mount Everest was Deodungha, or "Holy Mountai.". In the 1960s, the Government of Nepal gave the mountain an official Nepali name: Sagarmatha, meaning "Head of the Sky".

In 1865, the mountain was given its English name by Andrew Waugh, the British surveyor - general of India. With both Nepal and Tibet closed to foreign travel, he wrote:

I was taught by my respected chief and predecessor, Colonel Sir George Everest to assign to every geographical object its true local or native appellation. But here is a mountain, most probably the highest in the world, without any local name that we can discover, whose native appellation, if it has any, will not very likely be ascertained before we are allowed to penetrate into Nepal. In the meantime the privilege as well as the duty devolves on me to assign a name whereby it may be known among citizens and geographers and become a household word among civilized nations.

Waugh chose to name the mountain after George Everest, Mount Everest. This region known as the Solu Khumbu is known around the world as the famous home of the world's highest mountain. Mt. Everest, or Sagarmatha as the Nepalese call it, rises 8,848 meters into the sky. The hike to the base camp attracts trekkers from all over the globe.

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Everest Base Camp Trek

World famous mountain Everest (Sagarmatha) Base Camp trek is one of the best trek in the world because of more than two thousand different mountains and peaks with panoramic view, people and there society, there culture, wild life, the largest glacier in the world and the various Everest Trekking routes in the Khumbu, including the immortal Everest Base Camp trek, allow us to appreciate this natural wonder and marvel at the beauty of the region. The friendliness of the Nepalese people make Nepal one of the most exciting mountain ....


Gokyo Lake - Gokyo Ri Trek

The name "Everest" is magic in itself. Everest (8848m.) is called "Sagarmatha" in Nepali (Higher than the sky" and "Chhomolungma" in Tibetan "Mother Goddess of the Earth."
Gokyo Lake trekking is part of Everest Trek. It has beautiful lake, glacier high pass too.
Gokyo Ri, Gokyo Peak (5357 m, 17 575 ft above sea level) is a peak in the Khumbu region of the Nepal Himalayas....


Cho La Pass Gokyo Trek

Gokyo lake chola pass trekking is also one of the most demanded trekking among the clients of glacier Adventure Company, in the Everest region. This is a unique trekking that leads you to home of the legendary sherpal indigenous people living in the Himalayas. Gokyo is a hidden valley with gorgeous blue lakes in the lap of Himalays. Gokyo lake is the main source of Dudhkoshi River. While having trek in the Gokyo, you also can make excursion to the Ngojumba glacier, famous chola pass, Colorful monasteries. This excellent trekking gives ....


Renjo La Pass Trek

Gokyo trek to renjo la pass is newly open high pass trekking khumbu region. People from Tibet walk all the way down to Namche to sell their home made stuffs and salt to trade. The most wonderful experience would be to explore this area during the end of monsoon season when flowers pop out in Nangpala, giving the trekkers the illusion that they are walking on textured carpet.
Everest Renjo-La pass trek is one of the most best trekking route for both of them who already have been even Everest....


Mera Peak via Arun Valley Trek

Standing proudly erect at an altitude of 6654m, Mera Peak is the most popular trekking destination and is the highest trekking peak in Nepal. This fairly challenging trek has been designed to cater to trekkers’ adventure needs to explore Mera peak from length to breadth. On scaling the summit of Mera Peak, we can have the most spectacular view of entire Himalayan ranges.
During the Arun valley trek we can enjoy spectacular views of the Mt. Everest as well as Mt. Makalu. Arun valley ....


EBC with Island Peak Trek

Island peak climbing itinerary takes you to the acclimatization hike to the most popular trekking destination of Everest Base Camp and Kala Pattar first for the close up views of Mt. Everest before scaling the pick. Island Peak was the name given to the mountain in 1952 by Eric Shipton's who thought it to be reminiscent of an island in a sea of ice. It is also known as "Imja Tse" in Sherpa Name.
After exploring the temples, shrines, bazaars and restaurants of Kathmandu we take an exciting mountain flight to Lukla ....


Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking in Everest region, Jiri Everest Base Camp is breathtaking and requires a good walking experience and a good physical health condition. This trek is very interesting walking with its panoramic view of Everest 8848m, Cho Oyu 8152m, Lhotse 8516m, Makalu 8463m and Ama Dablam 6456m.
Jiri Everest trek is famous for the Sherpas and other ethnic groups. You learn to know the life style of their villages and see their culture...


Amphu Lapcha La Pass & Mera Peak Adventure Treknew

The trek to Amphu Lapcha La passes through wilder upper Hongu valley. Amphu Lapcha is to be passed technically to Chukkung Valley. The crossing of the pass requires the use of technical climbing equipment and trekkers must be skilled in the use of this and be prepared. It holds the views of Himalayas and hearty scenery of lakes Hongu lakes and Panch Pokhari lakes.
Most commonly visited as a two week trek starting and finishing at Lukla. After a thirty five minute flight from Kathmandu ....